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Please check the KSS online calendar for report card dates.

Students are responsible to pick up their Report Card from the Homeroom Teacher.  We are not able to respond to all the requests for Report Card reprints.  If you are in need of a reprint, please:

  1. Contact the Homeroom Teacher
  2. If the Homeroom Teacher no longer has the Report Card, please ask them for a note with signature indicating a reprint required
  3. A reprint can be requested from the office.  Reprints $2.00.




A          86-100%​4
B          73-85%​3
C+       67-72%​2.5
C         60-66%​2
C-        50-59%​1
I*          0-49% (temporary)​0
F*        0-49% (permanent)​0​

*In British Columbia, each student not achieving at least 50% must be assigned an 'I' (Incomplete) at least once during the year.  Work required to upgrade to a C-/C standing is identified along with a deadline date.  Failure to meet the expectations by the date established results in a mark change to F.


6 G’s out of 8 courses 
5 G’s out of 7 courses 
5 G’s out of 6 courses 

‘N’ disqualifies a student from Work Ethic & Honour Roll


​Principal’s Honour Roll – GPA of 3.7 to 4.0​
Honour Roll – GPA of 3.0 to 3.69
Honourable Mention – GPA of 2.8 to 2.99

To be eligible for these awards students must be enrolled in the required number of letter-grade evaluation courses at KSS.
Grade 10 – 8 courses
Grade 11 – 8 courses (including Planning 11)
Grade 12 – 7 courses (including Grad Transitions)