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Apr 10
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2017/18 Goal:

Each student at Kelowna Secondary will graduate with a Dogwood or Evergreen certificate and demonstrate a work ethic that enables them to achieve individual success as a 21st century learner


Action Plan:

  1. To continuously support the development of positive relationships between all staff and students by establishing an environment that encourages approachability, caring, and effective communication (that attends to both academic and social-emotional needs)
  2. To develop authentic learning tasks that will engage all learners in each of our curricular areas
  • To continue working with the redesigned curriculum as we prepare for its implementation for the 2017/18 school year.
  • To Continue the work with Curricular Department Leaders with a focus on improving instruction through co-planning, co-teaching and co-learning.   
  • To Continue to support departmental goals with a focus on improved instructions
  • To look for opportunities to support collaborative time.
  1. The staff will review with students and focus on work ethic using the KSS Work Ethic Rubric.
  2. Continue communicating the value and importance of work ethic to all stakeholders:  Students, Staff and Parents.


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