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BCCPAC Advocacy Project
The British Columbia Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils (BCCPAC) believes strongly that parents, with the right support and information, can make things better for their children in public schools.
The BCCPAC Advocacy Project focuses on helping parent leaders around the province support parents and students who want to solve the problems they are having in their public schools.Speaking Up! is a parent guide to advocating for students in public schools.
It is available at Follow the Advocacy link to resources or call the BCCPAC Advocacy Project toll free message line 1-888-351-9834

Mindful Restoration
The science behind the Take A Breath program is to help us move beyond our conditioned responses, and let us feel the relaxation response.  Over time the feeling of relaxation and ease can filter through all of our experiences.
Password: ksskelowna

The Foundry
The Foundry website provides support and resources for both students and their caregivers. Accessed this information through the website 

Free On-Line Tutoring
The following grade 12 subjects are on the LearnNow BC website:
      • Biology
      • Chemistry
      • Geography
      • Geology
      • History
      • Physics
      • Principles of math
Other courses available for this service are:
      • Science 10
      • Essentials of Math 10,
      • Principles of Math 10,
      • Science 10
      • Social Studies 11.
This site allows a student to access course content, sample tests and receive one on one tutoring. Accredited teachers and peer tutors are available via a chat room Sundays through Thursdays from 7 to 9 p.m. Workshops with teachers will be featured nightly at 7:30pm, followed by an online group discussion, including a question and answer period on the session.StudyBUZZ, available 24 hours a day, allows students to test themselves and helps them assess which areas of study require more review and practice. Go to
Athletic Funding
The following two links provide information and grant application for students in need in the area of athletics.

Jumpstart: fees and equipment

Kidsport: fees (download 2015 application here 2015_Kidsport_Kelowna_Grant_Application.pdf)

Block Parent Program
Block Parent Program of Canada