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ITA Youth Trades & Train Programs
School District #23 offers many exciting opportunities in a variety of settings.
Choose from  Okanagan College, BCIT Programs,  School based Youth Trades programs or go directly into a career via Secondary School Apprenticeship.
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SCHOOL DISTRICT #23 Youth Trades and Training Programs 


Open a Door to Opportunity!

Although University and College are excellent educational routes to follow, many students require a different option to be able to further their education. SD No. 23 provides "Youth Trades and Training" programs which allow students the opportunity to earn both high school and post-secondary course credits while in high school. These programs generally begin in September or February of their grade 11 or 12 year, depending on the program they wish to pursue. A Youth Trades and Training application which is available from the Career Coordinator at your school's Career Centre must be completed.

SSA Secondary School Apprenticeship Must be currently working with a Red Seal Trades Person

The SSA program is designed to allow grade 10-12 students to become registered apprentices with the Industry Training Authority (ITA) while completing BC grad requirements. Benefits of the SSA program are:

  • Can begin as early as grade 10 or 15 years of age
  • Students are registered with an acceptable employer
  • Students are paid during the training process and will accumulate hours towards his/her journey person status
  • Upon successful completion of 480 creditable hours, students will receive 16 high school course credits
  • Level One Technical Training can be provided after successful completion of 500 hours 

BCIT Entry Level Trades Training and Technology programs

Completion of a BCIT ITA Youth Training and Trades program will earn students 32 high school credits and Level One Technical training for trades. All course work completed is fully transferable to BCIT second year programs as well as many other post-secondary institutions. Intake dates for any BCIT program is early February (second semester of grade 12). Available programs are:

  • Computer Information Service Technician
  • Electricity & Industrial Electronics
  • Heavy Mechanical Foundations

Okanagan College - Entry Level Trades Training and Technology programs

Successful completion of an OC ITA Youth Trades and Training program will give a student a total of 32 credits; 16 for high school and 16 for the Level One Technical Training. Intake dates for an OC program begin February (second semester of grade 12). For more information; check with the Career Coordinator at your school's Career Centre. Available programs are:

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer – (AME) M-License & category S (Structures) 


Automotive Collision Repair, Painting & Refinishing

Recreation Vehicle Technician

Automotive Service Technician - "Mechanic"

Residential Construction 

Carpentry / Joinery  

Sheet Metal Worker

Culinary Arts  

Welding – Level C  

Okanagan College – Health Care Assistant Program

This program prepares students for a career as a front line health care worker who is responsible for providing client care. Program information is also accessible at


ITA Youth Train is an industry training program for high school students. Through an ITA Youth Train program, you can take courses that will give you both high school graduation credits and a head start towards completion of an apprenticeship program. Youth Train programs are developed and offered as partnerships between school districts and post- secondary institutions. Once you successfully complete a Youth Train program (70%) you will get credit for at least Level One of the technical training (in-class) component of your industry training program.

For information on SD23 tuition funding, benefits or an application form for the various Acadmies, please contact the KSS Career Centre or Harry Parmar, Career Programs Coordinator at

Further information may be obtained at:  SD23 Website: "Programs" then "Dual Credit Programs"

GESS - Education Assistant Certificate - NEW

This program starts in January 30, 2017 to June 16, 2017. It is every weekday from 9:15am til 3:15pm.  Graduates of the Education Assistant Certificate program find employment in elementary, middle and secondary school in B.C. and beyond, supporting students who require extra assistance in meeting their educational goals. They also find jobs working one-on-one with children and adults who need support; in care homes for people with special needs, and with organizations like the Parkinson Rec Centre and Arion Therapeutic Farms.

KSS Auto Service Technician Level 1

This program exposes the student to all aspects of service and repairs in the automotive trade with a focus on developing practical skills. It is designed to take students interested in the automotive repair trade and supply them with the necessary skills to seek employment in this industry as an apprentice automotive service technician. It is required that students have taken Automotive 11 and 12, as well as being on track to graduate with a serious interest in the automotive trade. Click link to view video.

MBSS - Culinary Arts

This program allows students to spend time in each of the four training kitchens and covers all the basic skills required including: hygiene, safety and nutrition, hot and cold work, and bakery. The program places emphasis on practical skills and graduates are in high demand both locally and in major centres. Students will need to combine classroom work with a worksite placement in order to be granted Professional Cook Level 1.  Apprenticeship practical training credit may also be granted by the employer as a result of prior practical experience. Click link to view video.

MBSS – Firefighting Academy

Students who can make a firm commitment to an exciting and unique program are encouraged to join our Mount Boucherie / West Kelowna Fire Rescue Fire Fighting 12 Program. The program is an amalgamation of up to four courses: Fire Fighting 12, Work Experience 12A, Work Experience 12B, and Weights and Fitness 12. The Fire Fighting 12 course is a combination of components of the Justice Institute of British Columbia's Basic Fire Fighting certification course and supplementary units from our text: Fundamentals of Fire Fighter Skills. A St. John Basic First Aid and Adult CPR course is included as well as Live Fire Training. An entrance interview, physical fitness test, and a commitment to completing the course are required for acceptance. Exceptional effort and completion of the course have led students directly into the adult Paid On-Call recruit classes and employment as POC fire fighters with WKFR before secondary school graduation. FF12 is taken within the timetable; other components occur outside the timetable, including Thursday evening practices at Hall 32.

MBSS – Hair Dressing

This ITA Youth Train program, is designed for grades 11 and 12 students who have a serious interest in exploring hairdressing as a viable career choice. Our program is composed of theory and applied skills hairdressing courses and salon work experience hours. This is in addition to any other academic courses that they will require, by the BC Ministry of Education, for high school graduation. Students must complete all seven hairdressing courses consecutively, and complete additional industry training hours through salon jobs and/or work experience placements, for a total of 900 industry training hours. The MBS Hairdressing Academy is under the umbrella of the Industry Training Authority, and the students will have the opportunity to write the ITA theory Certification of Qualification exam. Click link to view video.

RSS – Residential Construction

This program provides students with the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge to seek employment as an apprentice carpenter in the residential construction industry. Students are introduced to all aspects of the trade and, through the construction of an actual house, students are given the opportunity to work with a variety of tools and materials used by carpenters. Focus is on developing practical skills for the residential construction workplace.

RSS - Emergency Medical Responder

EMR is a Canada wide standard for industrial first aid as well as an entry level qualification to work for an ambulance service. EMRs’ may work in industry providing required medical services for worksites, especially higher risk or more remote worksites, or for ski patrol. Any students who are interested in a career in emergency medicine such as a nurse, paramedic, firefighter, respiratory therapist or doctor would benefit from this course. Specifically, the EMR course is the pre-requisite to continue on into the Primary Care Paramedic program.

Note: Preference will be given to grade 12 students with a background in Chemistry 11 and/or Biology 12.

RSS – Forest Resource Field Studies

A comprehensive forestry based program that allows students to gain hands-on field work and theoretical skills in the forestry industry. Students will also receive training that enables them to qualify for their Level One – * "Utility Arborist" Certificate. This is a Certified Apprenticeship Program that will allow students to directly enter the Utility Arborist employment field.

* "Utility Arborist" means a person who undertakes any work required to prune or clear vegetation in proximity to energized electrical equipment, structures and conductors or who in the course of utility line clearing operations, prunes, falls, or removes trees which could come into contact with energized power line

View Video about Forestry Program HERE

NEW - ITA Youth Explore (Trades Sampler Program)

School District No 23 and Okanagan College are partnering together to deliver a trades exploration program to assist students in their career exploration while learning trades and technology skills. Students in grades 10-12 will have the opportunity to sample various trades programs (Carpentry, Electrical, Plumbing, and Sheet Metal) that are currently in demand in BC. In addition to the trades sampling, students will also complete the outcomes for their mandatory math 11 (apprenticeship and workplace math 11) graduation requirement. Students will earn up to 20 credits towards high school graduation and potential placement into an ITA Youth Trades Program upon successful completion of the Youth Explore (Trades Sampler) program. WEX 12 and/or Secondary School Apprenticeship credit may also be granted if the student is able to engage in employment within the trades industry


For more information on ITA Youth Trades Programs please visit the following link: