Computer Science

What is the Computer Science Department?

Quite simply, it is the hottest, coolest, most exciting, and most dynamic field there is! Choosing computer science as your area of study is a choice that will change your life and open a world of opportunities, limited only by your imagination and creativity. I offer a variety of classes for students with different interests and preparation. The class that exposes students to the heart of the computer science discipline are the Computer Science courses.

Computer Science introduces students to Java programming and the big ideas that run through the rest of the curriculum. Students seeking an exposure to 3D Computer Animation may be interested in the Animation courses. Students who would like to explore both computers and like to build things should consider the Robotics 10 or the Robotics 12 courses. The latest course is the Video Game Design. Yes you actually create 2D and 3D video games. Finally those students who show an interest in Web Page Design and Web management should consider the Web Design courses.