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One of the most important steps that grade 12’s must complete is the POST SECONDARY INSTITUTION (PSI) SELECTIONS process using the BC Ministry of Education STUDENT TRANSCRIPT SERVICE.  This needs to be completed by students who expect to graduate this year and are applying to a post-secondary institutions following graduation. This process is included in the mandatory Gr. 12 Graduation Transitions course.  

Students can provide their transcript information to a number of post-secondary institutions by electronically submitting a Post-Secondary Institutions Choices Form.

Transcript Ordering / Sending

Complete the Post-Secondary Institutions (PSI) Selections process using the Ministry of Education STUDENT TRANSCRIPT SERVICE. 

  • Transcripts are sent in electronic format to the majority of B.C. post-secondary institutions, University of Calgary, University of Alberta and Ontario Universities Application Centre. Other PSIs are mailed paper transcripts
  • Results from August Exams are not available in time for September admission to post-secondary institutions

STEP 1:  Go to the STUDENT TRANSCRIPT SERVICE of the Ministry of Education online.

 A) Register for a BCeID.

You will be asked to provide your name, birthdate, Personal Education Number (PEN), and email address(es).


B)  Login to your pre-existing BCeID.   

Note:  This is the same process to access your provincial exam results so you may have already created an account to find past exam results.

STEP 2:  Use your BCeID to log in to the STUDENT TRANSCRIPT SERVICE.  

Once you have entered the STUDENT TRANSCRIPT SERVICE, you will follow the procedures as outlined by the Ministry of Education on the site.  READ CAREFULLY! 

You will be able to:

  • Send/Order your transcript
  • View your transcript
  • View exam results
  • Send transcripts anywhere

There are 4 steps to complete when requesting your transcript to be forwarded to a post-secondary institution:

1.  Select Institution(s) 

  • Choose the school(s) you wish to receive your transcript.  Multiple schools can be selected (to avoid doing this process each time for each school).
  • Click on "Go to Next Step"

2.  Choose Send Option

  • Choose "Send my transcript now and allow this Post-Secondary Institution to request transcript updates until the date specified below" or "Send Interim and Final Marks when they become available" or "Send final marks when they are available"
  • Do NOT select “Send my transcript electronically now.” or “Send my printed transcript now”.  These selections are for students who have already graduated.
  • Click on "Go to Next Step"

3.  Confirm & Add to Cart

  • Verify that the schools showing are where you want your transcripts to be sent.  (You can use  "<-- Previous Step" to go back and add more schools if you wish.)  
  • Check off the box almost at the bottom of the screen that indicates that "I have reviewed my order and course information" (in red type). 
  • Click "Add Order to Cart" button at the bottom of the screen.    

4.  Shopping Cart

  • Your order (your 'shopping cart') will show on the screen.  Verify that for each school you have requested "Send when final marks available". 
  • You can send your transcript to a maximum of 25 schools for free.  Additional schools, beyond the 25 permitted, can be added for a cost of $10 per transcript.  
  • If correct, click on "Submit Order"
  • A confirmation screen will appear indicating that your request was successfully received.

*In the future, if you wish to order transcripts, check provincial exam marks or scholarships received or update your personal information, go to:  Login with your Username and Password.

*Once you have graduated, additional copies of your transcript can be ordered via this service for a fee of $10 per copy.