PSI Receiving your Marks
One of the most important forms that grade 12’s must fill out is the POST SECONDARY INSTITUTION (PSI) SELECTIONS FORM.  This is an electronic form that needs to be submitted by students who expect to graduate this year and are also applying to a post secondary institution following graduation. This registration process is included in the mandatory Gr. 12  Grad Transitions course.
Students can provide their transcript information to a number of post-secondary institutions by electronically submitting a Post-Secondary Institutions Choices Form. Students access the online form by logging into the Student Secure Web (SSW),, (this is the same website that students have created an account for in order to check their provincial exam results from grades 10 & 11).  Students then click the menu option "Post Secondary Institutions Selections".  There is an online instructional document (PDF) that is available at   The instructions include snapshots of all the screens students will use to select PSIs.  There is also an instruction sheet available in the Counselling Centre.
Students must complete the PSI Selections form by March to have their interim transcript information forwarded in May to the BC Electronic PSIs listed and to the Ontario Universities Application Centre (OUAC) institutions and by June 30th to have their final transcript information sent to PSIs by July 31.  Students are advised to print a confirmation page for reference purposes, and at any point students can view their selections on the SSW by using the "View PSI Selections" menu option. 
Some PSI’s may also ask for additional interim transcripts to be sent, aside from the interim or final transcripts that they may receive from the Ministry of Education after completing the PSI Selection Form.  KSS does not directly send transcripts to PSI’s.  If students need transcripts, they see their counsellor and the transcripts are placed in sealed envelopes and returned to the student who then must mail them. 
Other PSI’s also ask for students to self report their grades during a specified time period.  Students are usually directed (via an email) to a website where they must report the marks from their completed grade 11 and 12 courses as well as their in progress (interim) grades of their current courses.
Students must keep communication lines open with the post-secondary institutions they have applied to.  E-mail is often used as a primary method of communication by most post-secondary institutions and students should check their e-mails regularly and thoroughly so as not to miss critical information and deadlines.
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 Registering for Post-Secondary Institutions (required in Gr. Grad Transitions Course):