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Art Metal Jewelry
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Credits: 2
This beginner's hands-on course has an emphasis on student-design where student originality is encouraged. Students start with designing and creating a hand cut pendant then make a sterling silver ring using the lost wax casting method.  A variety of metals are used including aluminum, silver, copper, brass, and stainless steel. A unit on glass slumping and bead making is also included.  Tentative projects include 3D glass objects, utensil jewelry, chain mail jewelry, and wire frame figures.  This class focuses on metal shop safety, hand and power tool use, metric and imperial measurement and builds confidence while working in the shop environment.
Credits: 4
Metal Art 11/12 is an extension of Metal Art 10; however it is not a prerequisite.
Students will first complete a unit on the CNC (Computerized) mill to machine a project of their design choice, whether it be earrings, pendants or broaches.  Students will then explore several specialized welding techniques to join decorative metals in order to create jewelry stands, candle scones, sculptures and wall art. Students will continue with a glass unit which includes stained glass, glass fusing and wire wrapped jewelry.  The last quarter of the course allows students to explore a metal art specialty of their choice to create a self-designed project. Also, students will be given the opportunity to create projects that were not completed in Metal Art 10.