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Power Technology 10
Introduction to Automotive and Power Mechanics 10 -  MTEC 10-2T
Power Mechanics is an introduction to automotive engines and other various power sources.  Students study in depth the construction and theory of both two and four stroke small gasoline engines.  Students will further understand how they work by rebuilding an engine and solving any problems that may be encounter when using small engines in real life situations. A brief introduction to automotive applications is also included.  Some equipment to be worked on includes lawn mowers, chain saws, rototillers, bikes and go-karts. Students will also study one other power source during the course, ranging from hydraulics and CO2 cars, to wind and solar power. Shop skills will be learned by working with both hand and power tools to build a final project.  Lastly we will study how these power sources affected society in the past, the present and the future.