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Metal Fabrication and Machining 11-12
Metal Fabrication and Machinery 11 MMFMA11-4L (metal technology 11)
This course further introduces students to basic hand tools and power equipment.  Students then learn a variety of welding skills including gas, wire feed and stick welding applications.  Students will also explore various types of sheet metal and machining practices to make several creative projects.  After the completion of assigned projects that build up student skills and shop awareness, students are able to design and construct a personal project to complete as a final assignment.
Metal Fabrication and Machinery 12 MMFM 12-4L
Metal Fabrication and Machinery 12 is an extension of Metalwork 11 however it is not a prerequisite.   Students will review welding and cutting such as gas, wire feed and stick welding applications with the addition of TIG welding.  Students will then complete a unit to build their machining and precision measurement skills using the lathe and the CNC Milling machine.  After an assigned project, students will design, orthographically draw, plan, and budget to construct a project of their own choice.  A unit on exploring trade careers, specifically in the metal fabrication industry, will be introduced with the incorporation of field trips, guest speakers, and a research project.