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MTEW-10-2T (10 week) - MTEW-10-4S
Content:  In this introductory/early intermediate wood shop course students will be exposed to all the fixed power machines and to an array of portable power tools and equipment.  There is an initial compulsory project designed to instill some strong and fundamental woodwork skills.  Individual project selection will be permitted by students who attain adequate results in this first project.  Safety is taught and stressed throughout the entire course.  This course is also available in a 10 week, 2 credit option.
Prerequisite:  Gr. 10 Woodwork, ½ or full year.

Content: The primary focus is on a comprehensive coverage of sound, fundamental woodworking practices, with an emphasis on safety throughout.  This should be considered an intermediate level course, laying a solid foundation for the grade 12 year.  Students learn how to read and interpret drawings of their selected project, calculate bills of materials and material cutting lists.  Furniture and cabinet design and construction form the core of this course.  A wide variety of tools and machinery are used in the design and completion of student projects.  An introduction CNC router module forms part of this course.

Prerequisite:  Gr.10 Woodwork or Gr.11 Carpentry & Joinery

Content:  This course is a continuation of Carpentry & Joinery 11, but with some advanced millwork, joinery, laminating and mass production components added.  Furniture and cabinet construction forms the major part of this course.  The same power and hand tools are used, but in more complex applications.  Exposure to woodwork career opportunities and OUC trades courses will be undertaken. An intermediate CNC routing module forms part of this course.