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Provincial and Semester-End Exam Information

January 14, 2013

1.     The Provincial examination schedule is included later in this handbook for your reference.  All other exams will be written during class time.  It is the student’s responsibility to know when his/her exams are scheduled and to be on time to write them.  The exam schedule will be posted in your classroom.
2.    Provincial Exams must be written as per examination schedule.  The school cannot give permission for absences from Provincial Exams.  The same applies for School Exams, which are arranged by individual subject teachers.  Please do not ask for advanced sitting for final examinations. 
3.    If a student has a conflict with two exams scheduled for the same time, the student will always write the Provincial Exam at the scheduled time and make-up the other exam during one of the other exam times.  Provincial Exams must be written at the scheduled time.   Students with conflicts should arrange an appropriate make-up time with the subject teacher whose exam they will miss. 
4.    If a student is unable to write final exams because of illness, a phone call from a parent is mandatory on the day of the exam before it starts.
5.    Semester-end exams count for a maximum of 20% of the final mark for the course.  (40% for English 12 & Communications 12)
6.    The normal bell schedule will be altered on January 24 and 25 to create two 75 minute blocks during which In-Class Exams will be written.  Students must remain in classes for the entire time period.  See bell schedule at the top of this page.
7.    Provincial Grade 10 - 12 exams will be written as per the schedule outlined later in this handbook.  All other final exams will be written in your regular classroom. 
Quiet is the order of the day in hallways during our semester-end exams.


8.    Students must bring photo I.D., an HB pencil, an eraser, and a pen for all exams.  Any special equipment, such as, a calculator, ruler, or protractor is also the responsibility of the student.
9.    For courses ending this semester, textbooks are to be returned in the MPR on Thursday, January 24 & Friday, January 25 between 8 a.m. & 12:30 p.m.


Buses will arrive and depart at regular times during the exam day