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Begbie Canadian History Contest

February 18, 2013

Any grade 10 – 12 students interested in writing the 20th annual Begbie Canadian History Contest this April 17th, 2013 please register with Mr. Stacey in room 285. This multiple choice, essay, and document analysis based contest tests your understanding of Canadian history and your ability to analyze and interpret documents. It is written by students across Canada with one prize of $1000 for every 250 participants, a medallion for the top student per school, and certification for your academic resume if you score above 80%. The test will be written 9:00 – 11:00 in the library on Wednesday April 17th (blocks 1 and 2). Last year KSS students dominated the 19th Annual Begbie Canadian History Contest, with 11 students scoring in the top 13.​